vintage Ladies 18k Gold Cartier Tank Watch

Ask any serious watch collector and they will generally include the Speedmaster on their list of all-time favorite watches for a number of reasons. For the truly obsessed, the Speedmaster Professional model to collect is the calibre321 from 1967 –the exact model worn during the Apollo 11 mission. However, the immediate successor to this model is what we’re talking about here, and they began production in 1968. Visually, the321 and861 calibres are nearly identical, so unless you get obsessive you’d be hard pressed to tell them apart. Buy It Now Add to watch list KILLER ART DECO PLATINUM DIAMOND DOUBLE CLIP BROOCH PIN 15 CARATS MUST SEE $9,999.00

In 1907 Edmond Jaeger began to make the internal movements for Cartier watches. Success moved Cartier forward into the world market. Fashionable wristwatches replaced pocket watches as styles changed through design movements such as Art Nouveau and Art Deco. Some early Cartier models include the Baignoire , the Tortue , and the Tank watches. Cartier’s Lasting Design and Artistic Appeal Today you see a lot more technical development in wristwatches than we saw through the last hundred years because wristwatches tended to follow pocket watch developments in terms of timekeeping and manufacturing. Today, though, they’re using new materials for balances and hairsprings, and they’re inventing new escapements.

Do you believe that luxury watches are also good investments? Soon after studying the testimonies of different people that is well familiar with luxury watches, it came down into one conclusion that it is not for everybody. Investing with high-class pieces ingests solid information and lots of researches done. Not enough knowledge about the actual investments for luxury watches will only cause disaster on the investors’ part. In the next lines, I will restrict just to Cartier, since that’s the brand I’ve been following for a long time. Some models have see-thru backs, so the movement can be inspected on the spot and they were all individually numbered.

This is what we have here. In the 1960s Cartier decided to spread the love (for strategic reasons, obviously) and sell a few out of house brands, IWC was one of them. Many of you are thinking, “Hey, aren’t IWC and Cartier owned by the same company anyways?” and yes they are, today. But the Richemont group even form until 1988 and they didn’t acquire IWC until the year 2000, so at the time this watch was sold, they were in no way connected. Buy It Now Add to watch list Antique Art Deco 18 carat white gold diamond sapphire double clip brooch pin $3,499.00

Not every jewelry store has master jewelry designers capable of turning a customer’s dream into a customized piece of keepsake reality. But ever since C.J. Charles opened its shop doors, its master jewelers have stood ready to exceed customer’s expectations with an ability to design engagement or special occasion rings with diamonds ranging from5 to 25 ct. Cartier was founded in 1847 when Louis-François Cartier, then an apprentice to Parisian jeweler Adolphe Picard, took over the business when his master passed away. By 1853, young Louis-François had become a favorite of Napoleon III’s cousin Princess Mathilde, who helped Cartier gain entry to Parisian society.

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